About Mitsui Chemicals Crop & Life Solutions

Mitsui Chemicals Crop & Life Solutions is an R&D driven company that is a global provider of high-quality products and services in the agrochemicals field.
We have a history of about 100 years beginning with the manufacture and release of the first synthetic agrochemical in Japan, and we are committed to contributing to social issues in two areas: food safety and reliability, and improving quality of life.


R&D Capabilities Leading the World in Agrochemical Discovery

Japanese researchers are highly regarded around the world in the field of agrochemicals for their ability to find even the smallest changes in phenomenon and for their flexibility in thinking outside the box.
As one of the leading companies in the agrochemicals field in Japan, we have placed research and development (R&D) at the core of our business operations.

Our strength lies in our R&D capability to create and develop unique active ingredients and process them in a way that meets market needs.
This allows us to deliver to our customers agrochemicals that are novel in action, effective against resistant pests and weeds, and easy to use.
Our company has released 10 active ingredients in the last 20 years and 20 products since 2015.

For example, CYRA™, a herbicide invented by our company for weed control in rice paddy fields, is effective against a wide range of broadleaf weeds and sedges that occur in rice paddy fields.
Also, STARKLE™, one of our key products, boasts the No. 1 share (as of 2020) of the Japanese market for insecticides for foliar application on rice paddy field.
TENEBENAL™, an insecticide for crops, works well against chewing pests that are resistant to existing chemicals and which are causing major agricultural damage around the world. TENEBENAL is being used not only in agriculture but also in the fields of wood preservation and hygienic pest control due to its novel action and broad insecticidal spectrum.

These are just a few examples, but as you can see, we develop and provide highly original global products based on flexible ideas and excellent observation abilities.


A Leading Company in the Field of Agrochemicals

We are a pioneer in the field of agrochemicals with a history spanning about 100 years, and we continue to be a leading company in the creation of new agrochemicals.

We are not simply building up a history of developments, but we are also continuously conducting innovative developments while valuing the attitude of always challenging new things, and based on the achievements of our research. We are building our agrochemicals business to contribute to food production in Japan and around the world and our Life Solutions business to improve quality of life (QoL).

Our crop solutions business began in 1921 with the development and sale of Chloropicrin, Japan's first synthetic agrochemical. Our business has received numerous awards for its products and research, including the Okochi Memorial Award and the Award of Pesticide Science Society of Japan.
Since starting our termite control business in 1961, the Life Solutions business has been developing under the slogan of "Supporting a healthy and safe life for everyone."


Operating in Over 100 Countries Worldwide

We are expanding our business not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world.
Overseas, we have established bases in 15 locations, including Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, and India, and are expanding our businesses.

The number of countries and regions where we have obtained pesticide registrations already exceeds 100, and we are expanding our R&D bases overseas with the aim of further expanding this number in the future.

We will continue to expand globally with the aim of becoming a company that is recognized and loved around the world.


Sustainable Development for People's Food and Lives

By providing the products and services that we develop, we hope to play an important role in overcoming the challenges facing humanity, such as supplying foods for the growing population and preventing epidemics, especially in tropical regions.

We will also contribute to the sustainable development of people's food and lives while aiming to harmonize with the environment by quickly and flexibly addressing the decline in the agricultural population, use of advanced technology, and various social issues and solutions such as Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).