Crop Solutions Business

The world food supply and demand are being tighten because consumption has increased along with population growth and economic development. Cultivated area per capita has decreased and yield growth has slowed, resulting in production growth also slowed down.
Also, development of resistance of pests, diseases and weeds is huge threat for growers.
Under these circumstances, stable food supply is an important issue worldwide.

Mitsui Chemicals Crop & Life Solutions addresses this issue and plays an important role for a stable and sustainable food production through innovation in agrochemicals.
We have created various active ingredients of agrochemicals and suggested innovative solutions of pest, disease and weed control in various situations.
Moreover, we have been engaged in research, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of original active ingredients for agrochemicals to meet the needs of customers.

As the R&D driven company, we will continuously make the best efforts to discover environmentally-friendly innovative products to contribute to global food production.

Active Ingredients


Systemic insecticide with wide coverage of pests and various methods of application.

Multi-purpose insecticide giving solutions for wide range of field of agriculture.

Insecticide with novel mode-of-action and excellent efficacy on lepidopteran pests and leaf beetles.


Natural-origin acaricide effective on whole growth stage of mites.


Fungicide featuring great preventive effect on wide range of diseases.

Fungicide featuring excellent protection from disease and growth promotion on seedlings.